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About our Butter

New Zealand's best butter? We certainly think so. The secret to wonderful butter lies in our pure fresh cream, the culture, and the curing process giving it a velvety taste like no other. Happy buttering!

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A Better Butter

What's the secret?

To be at its best, butter only relies on one ingredient. Butterfat. Without it, you haven’t got real butter. However most ‘butters’ nowadays are sadly lacking in butterfat, and high in milk protein to meet the needs of mass production. Lewis Road Creamery prides ourselves on ensuring that we care for all of our products using the highest of quality ingredients. So you'll find that our Premium Butters are made to the exacting standards that a superior butter requires. But butterfat can’t take all the credit of course. Ross McCallum, the founder of Kapiti Cheese who developed our taste profiles, and Murray Seamark, who keeps a hawk’s eye on everything that comes from our churn, can share in the accolades too. Ross’s recipe blends the best of Fonterra’s export butters including a heavily cultured butter that is exported to the Middle East and an uncultured butter produced for the European market.  The resulting product is rich, smooth and creamy with a cultured taste and velvety finish. Bravo gentlemen. You can enjoy their fine creations in Unsalted, Lightly Salted, Sea Salt Crystal, and our Artisan Sea Salt Crystal butters. You’ll find each slab wrapped in foil to keep it at its absolute finest.

Take it from some of New Zealand’s best chefs, Lewis Road Creamery's products are not only great on their own, but they make a world of difference when used to cook with.

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