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Our 3rd Party Independant Certification

1. 365 Days Free-range and Pastures Raised

Our farms are located where sunshine, rainfall and moderate temperatures collide in a quintessential climate for cows to enjoy the outside pastures and fields all year round, allowing also for perfect conditions in which grass to grow in abundance.  Preferring to live as in nature, our herds rotate around the extensive patchwork of fields and keep active and healthy.  No tethering, barns or herd homes anywhere.

2. Grass-fed

Fresh is undeniably best, which is why our cows feast on a salad of nature’s greens out in the pastures every day, all year round.  96% - 99% grass-fed!

3. Exceptional Animal Welfare

Our farmers take extra pride in going beyond the strict New Zealand codes of animal welfare.  Cow comfort is important to us which is why we insist on the open space of free-range, a lush forage diet, clean drinking water, daily monitoring of cow health, and many more assurances.  A birthing cow’s natural colostrum, the wonder food for immunity and long-term cow health, nourishes our calves and gives them the best start to life.

4. GMO-free

Zip, Nada, Zero … No GMO feed, seeds or crops.

5. Antibiotic Stewardship

We love our cows and our customers.  The best part is, our cows remain happy and healthy due to free-ranging and grass diets, but if a cow does fall ill, strict and specific antibiotics can be administered under a veterinary doctor.  The cow is separated and watched over until nursed back to health therefore saving a life and most importantly keeping the food chain free of antibiotics.

6. No Palm or Animal Feeds

In our small way, we’ve taken a stand for climate change.  We won’t be party to rainforest destruction changing the breath of the planet and displacing wildlife, some to the brink of extinction.  No tallow or other animal by-products in the food chain either.

7. Environmental Sustainability

A suite of scientifically proven environmental standards - 100 percent renewable electricity and water, clean air, improvements to streams and waterways, extensive native plantings introduced encouraging a natural biodiversity, predator free initiatives, nutrient & feed management plans, preservation of native wetlands, effluent storage, permanent beehives, and reuse and recycling programs.

8. Climate Change Mitigation

Soil is the often overlooked and underestimated buried treasure of farming.  The soul of the earth and quite likely the answer to climate change for the planet.  Farmers hold this in their hands.  Regenerative agriculture initiatives are key to the 10 Star for the reason that carbon is the building blocks of all living things.  The top 6 inches of soil is paramount to food production, carbon sequestration and humanity’s survival.

9. No rSBT or Growth Hormones

We think our cows perfect just the way they are, so no additional growth hormones are used.

10. Human Welfare

We’re a happy bunch and there’s reason for it.  New Zealand has some of the finest human rights legislation in the world.  Embedded in the 10 Star Certification is a raft of key human rights practices and employment policies helping to further protect our people regardless of race, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation.  Comprehensive health and safety, and whistleblower policies along with ongoing training to assist in the growth of our teams. We enjoy our local communities and are supportive through donations and assisted participation.  In keeping with our philosophy of global citizenship our sourcing does not include Western Sahara phosphate.