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About our Milk

At Lewis Road Creamery, we’ve got long memories. Long enough to recall a time when the milk was delivered to your doorstep. When you woke up to the clinking of glass bottles, and when there was a daily argument over who got to peel off the foil lid and help themselves to the delicious, thick cream that settled at the top. It was from those memories that our milk was created. Today we sell two ranges of milk; Organic mixed herd and a single breed Jersey Milk. All permeate-free, all free of palm products and all bottled in our award winning rPET bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.


 Why isn’t my Lewis Road milk foaming at the moment?

The answer is our seasonal, never standardised, milk.


You may notice our milk changes throughout the year - sometimes it foams up beautifully for your coffee, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s because we produce an entirely natural milk that is as close to straight off the farm as possible. 

 We don’t add highly-processed products like permeate to standardise what’s in the bottle, and we don’t feed our cows palm kernal products to pump up production. Our cows eat grass, so when the grass changes, so does our milk. 

 Milk is a miraculous complete food with a complex combination of hundreds of essential nutrients, and science hasn’t yet got to the bottom of which subtle shifts in balance over the season may create lots of foam, or nearly none. But what we do know is that the Lewis Road milk in your coffee is always gorgeous grass-fed milk from happy, healthy cows.


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Better Bottles

100% recycled plastic

On our journey, we've discovered there's more to what's inside our milk bottles — there's the bottles themselves. Today, we're proud to be using bottles made from 100% recycled plastic across our entire milk, cream and flavoured milk ranges. In fact, we are the first Australasian dairy company to do so. They are fully recyclable, and are accepted by every recycling department in the country too - woohoo! And great news, our rPET bottles have picked up not one, but two gold awards at trans-Tasman 2019 Packaging Innovation and Design Awards in the Beverage and Sustainability (Circular Economy) categories, as well as the 2020 World Star Packaging Awards where they received Gold in the special Sustainability Awards.

At Lewis Road Creamery we found that the less we do to our milk, the better it tastes. Funny that. Dairy cows seem to know what they’re doing after all. Hence, you’ll find absolutely no permeates in our milks so you can enjoy the freshest, smoothest and creamiest milk available. Permeate is a by-product of milk processing used by the big milk players to water down milk and reduce cost. Here at Lewis Road Creamery we think permeate has no place in milk. Bottled on the farm, our Organic and Jersey milk ranges have a superior whole milk taste with no permeate added to deliver the delicious, fresh and creamy taste of milk the way it used to be. It's close as you can get to the farm gate.