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10 Star Butter


From our farms to you, Lewis Road Creamery’s Export Butter comes packed with bountiful Provenance & Values 

 We’re delighted to introduce to you a New Zealand first.  In fact, it’s looking strikingly likely it could even be a world first. 

 In beautiful and fertile corners of New Zealand, working closely with nature, our very own farms are farmed with a suite of best in class farm practices.   Using these high standards we have created a unique set of values, independently certified to bring you our export butter, a butter that Kiwis can truly be proud of. 

 With a touch of swagger and a hint of modesty, we proudly wear our attributes proudly on our package. 


  1. 365 Days Free Range and Pasture Raised
  2. Virtually 100% Grass-fed (above 99%) 
  3. 5 Freedoms, High animal welfare 
  4. GMO Free 
  5. Antibiotic Stewardship 
  6. Palm free 
  7. Climate Change Mitigation 
  8. Environmental Sustainability 
  9. rBST & Growth Hormone Free 
  10. Human Welfare 



Are you a conscious consumer?  If you are, you’re speaking our language! 

This Lewis Road Creamery 10 Star Butter is on a journey to sit atop not just crusty sour dough bread, or succulent steak, but to also challenge the world in its thinking about bringing values into farming so we can sit atop dairy on the world stage.  Inter-generative is what we like to call our way of farming – Inter-generational, improving the land year on year for generations to come; and re-generative, nurturing the soils with a suite of holistic improvements so it can aid in climate change mitigation. 

We haven’t got all the answers but we’d love you to join us in our quest to think about the whole supply chain when it comes to producing this grass-fed, golden nugget of pure deliciousness, and choose this butter because it stands, amongst other things, for no phosphate from Western Sahara, no live exports, and no PKE (palm oil waste propping up the palm industry).  Not just that it tastes incredible. 

Grasslands too sequester carbon and our next mission is to bring you this butter with a carbon reduce and ultimately a zero or less carbon stamp … all within our own farm fence boundaries (not by purchasing credits, or forests elsewhere).  Why do we always make it hard on ourselves? Easy … because it’s simply the right thing to do. Watch this space. 

Whatever you do with our 10 Star butter, we’d love you to spread the love and share your creations with us on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram).

To find out more about the farming side of this deliciously good grass-fed butter, click on the link to our 10 Star Certified Values page on Southern Pastures.